Local Artist Profile: Geoffrey Baris

Posted on July 15, 2015 By


In 1978, Geoff began a remarkable and exciting career, as a photographer, in the commercial fashion industry. His work appeared in numerous catalogs and magazines including: Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Mademoiselle, GQ, Nordstrom’s, LL Bean, Eddie Bauer, JC Penny, Lands End, Sears and Pendleton. During 25 years as one of the best fashion photographers in the U.S., his work led to shooting sites in Bali, Greece, Italy, Mexico and the Caribbean.


In 2005, he left his fashion photography, to devote his creative interests to abstract expressionist, nature and representational photography. In a surprisingly short time, his work aroused the interest of galleries, art show organizers, interior designers and fine art collectors.

Many of my images are water reflections. Water is a constantly moving element, changing form, shape and color. With my camera, I capture a fraction-of-a-second, a glimpse into it’s ever changing movement. It is through these windows of time, that I connect with the beauty of water’s movement into form. I use the camera to see another view of the real world, to explore hidden images that emerge from nature. The true essence of photography lies beyond pure sight; it goes deeper into the soul, past everything known as color and form. I like to think that my photographs are all real images of nature seen from this deeper place within myself. Here I am able to find my connection to my soul.

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